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Roll On Perfume

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Pretty Guardian: Harness the power of the universe with Enticing notes of sugared strawberry, pineapple nectar, and sparkling citrus to enhance a deep background of vanilla orchid and clove bud.

Erasure: Rich, warming tobacco blossom wrapped with caramel and notes of mandarin, honey, and rose

Shoto: Chilled citron and crimson plum are warmed by sugared amber and cashmere musk.

Sprite Candy: A sweet delight - the fresh, sugary scent of cotton candy just made at the fair.

Blue Flames: Fruity and Sweet An enchanting blend of Blackberry, cassis, dark cherry, vanilla, bourbon, coffee bean, black amber, clove, nutmeg, and musk.

Magical Card  Clow: Fresh uplifting bergamot orange, rich lavender, juicy pear, mysterious vanilla, and sexy musk create an airy and luxurious scent. (Cardcaptor Inspired)

Isekai: A fresh and feminine fruity blend of mango and strawberries with grapefruit, freesia and amber and tonka bean.

Lost Woods
Scent: A lush woody fragrance with cedarwood, amber, musk, and vanilla

Great Fairy Fountain
Scent: Cooling eucalyptus, green leaves, spruce, and pine are enhanced with delicate winter jasmine, warm amber, sheer clove spice, and a dash of sweet caramel.

 Bakery Witch Scent: The delights of an authentic bakery with sweet notes of blackberry, lemon, and buttery vanilla.

Dress Up Darling 👗Scent: Enchanting jasmine is touched with deep sexy notes of musk, patchouli, and brown sugar.

Tailed Beast Hunters ☁️
Scent: Lush woody fragrance with cedarwood, amber, musk and vanilla

Butterbrew 🧈
Scent:A wizard's most “spirited” drink recipe fills the house with the warm sweetness of liquid caramel, rich butterscotch pudding, light coconut cream, a dash of nutmeg and cinnamon, and a playful splash of dark rum.

Cactus Juice🌵
Scent: A tropical note of coconut milk is carefully blended with exotic notes of bamboo water, aloe leaf, white orchid, and wild sea grass while a fruit accord of fresh melon and green pear adds excitement

Bungee Gum
Scent:A sweet delight - the fresh, sugary scent of cotton candy just made at the fair

Capsule Corp
Scent: Enticing aroma of wild blueberry, bergamot, blackberry, vanilla cream, raspberry sugar, and buttermilk musk  

Your own body chemistry will affect how notes react on your skin.

Anything that affects the "natural" smell of your skin, such as: stress, hormonal changes, your current diet, or medications, might change how a perfume smells on you. Some scents may smell slightly different to different users. Will be bottled in a white lid glass bottle. 

 Suggestions On Where To Apply Pulse points:

- Inside Wrists

- Base of throat

- Inside elbow

- Behind the ears

- Behind the knees

- Sides of neck

The perfume oil is a subtler, more intimate way to wear a fragrance that blends with the wearer’s natural body chemistry. It is meant to be massaged into pulse points.

- Do not use this product if you are allergic to any listed ingredients.

- For external use only.

 Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Fragrance, and Vitamin E.

All of our products are cruelty-free.

Customer Reviews

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bug s!!
Decay roll-on

decay is one of my all time favorite scents. i got the body wash a while back and knew i had to come back for the roll on since i loved it so much. even my best friend kept commenting on how good it smelt. it lasted just about all day too which was great!

Jennifer G.
Decay Roll On

I really love this roll on. The scent is fresh, fruity, and unique. It pairs well with other fragrances, and has great staying power. I’m looking forward to trying some other scents.

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