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Teas, Lemonades, Milk Tea, Oh my!

Find every tea from Uncle Iroh's Tea Shop. Teas and Drink Mixes inspired by Ouran Host Club, Sailor Moon, My Hero and More!

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Charcoal Hair Rinse

Who doesn't like a clean scalp? This charcoal shampoo gives fine, thin and oily hair the good shivers with an invigorating blend of fresh apple cider vinegar to promote healthy hair and happy scalps. Plus we show love to your locks by banishing excess oil with this formula.

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  • Bath Bombs

  • Star Platinum Body Butter - Cosplay Arts Shop

    Body Butter

  • Matcha Tea Boba Collection - Hand + Body Cream - Cosplay Arts Shop

    Body Lotion

  • Cactus Juice Sugar Scrub - Cosplay Arts Shop

    Body Scrubs

  • Body Spray

  • Maid Sama! Body Wash - Cosplay Arts Shop

    Body Wash

  • Peach Senpai  Hydrating Conditioner - Cosplay Arts Shop


  • Honey Senpai Hair Mask - Cosplay Arts Shop

    Deep Treatments

  • Fresh Cotton Deodorant - Cosplay Arts Shop


  • Enamel Pins

  • The Final Boss Face Cream - Cosplay Arts Shop

    Face Care

  • Sweet Sun Burst Lemonade Mix - Cosplay Arts Shop


  • Lips

  • Chocolate Frog Hot Cocoa Mix - Cosplay Arts Shop

    Milk Drinks

  • Soot Sprite Roll On - Cosplay Arts Shop


  • Paopu Fruit Shampoo - Cosplay Arts Shop


  • Gojo Sticker - Cosplay Arts Shop


  • Curl Enhancing Cream  Curls Next Door - Cosplay Arts Shop


  • Hot Blooded Nephew Tea - Cosplay Arts Shop


  • Wax Melts


    Devoted to fresh batches of our beauty items, our products are made weekly.

  • No Animal Testing!

    We can proudly say that all products are 100 percent cruelty-free and never tested on animals.

  • Ethical Buying

    An enormous amount of love and care goes into every product we make, and we work with suppliers who do the same.

  • Woman Owned Business

    Cosplay Arts Shop is run solo by the Owner, Anastasia. All suppliers are woman and BIPOC.