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  • 100% Pure Vanilla Extract
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Pure Vanilla Extract

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Pure Vanilla Extract

Artisan Tahitian Vanilla beans aged to excellence in premium Vodka. This current batch has been curating since June 2020.

All Natural. Gluten-free. Vegan.

Sold in batches at least one year in the making. Perfect for a bake-off battle or any baking and candy-making needs for senpai.

Each amber 2oz bottle will have pieces of vanilla in them to keep the flavor developing while you store it.

Please store in a cool and dark place and not in direct sunlight. Completely Vanilla. No fillers. Just the pure stuff! Ready to use.

*FDA guidelines were followed in handcrafting the pure vanilla extract.*

TAHITIAN VANILLA – Tahitensis vanilla is rarer than the Madagascar variety and is infinitely more versatile, providing the best option for baking. Floral Aroma with Cherry like, licorice, and caramel flavor tones

ETHICALLY SOURCED – Native Vanilla assists hundreds of micro farmers in Papua New Guinea with fair trade assistance, and maintains a commitment to growing practices that are environmentally friendly.

 Ingredients: Premium Vodka, Madagascar Vanilla Beans

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